Shared Inbox for Team Tasks

Get everyone on your team on the same page

Like any Shared Inbox, you can customize your task Inbox to suit your needs and turn a dumb task manager, into a smart tasks manager.

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Team Tasks for better productivity

Shared Tasks can help you and your team gain productivity by easily tracking tasks and issues in your business.

You can create any many task lists as needed - for sales, customer projects or internal projects.

Collaborate on Tasks

Don't leave your staff on their own. Your entire team can collaborate and give feedback and help on any task.

Your team members can add notes or comments, or provide solutions to other team members tasks - This helps your team be more productive, and complete tasks faster.

It's real teamwork.

Add Action Items to tasks

Sometimes tasks require a little more input. You can break down tasks into individual action items and assign to different team members.

We make it easy to quickly view outstanding or completed action items.

Reply or add by Email

Your team can respond to any task via email - No need to log into Apptimi. Just open your favourite email client and reply to the task notification.

Your reply is added to the task issue as a response including any documents or photos that you have attached.

Get your team working on it

Assign any task or Inbox item to another team member and add a due date if you need it done quickly. You can easily track it's progress, view any updates and see when it's been completed.

Get alerts on overdue tasks

Apptimi will keep you updated on the progress of any tasks you have assigned to others and let you know when they are overdue. We will also let you know when they have been completed.

How can I use Apptimi tasks in my business?

Every business needs to manage tasks - from events, to office tasks, sales and projects, or even for building maintenance. We make it easy to create, share and manage your tasks as a team.

Manage your Office tasks

Manage your everyday office tasks like supplies, action items and to do lists and keep everyone on the same page.

Event Management

Running events generates countless tasks and to do lists. Just create an Inbox task list, share with your team and track all the tasks for the event.

Why not customize your task list with a form for even better event management.

Form Builder

Managing project tasks

Managing an internal or customer project? Track the countless tasks and activities that are part of every project and make sure you never drop the ball on a project again.

Sales leads

Trying to close a deal on a big customer project or sale? Make sure your team do a great job by tracking and collaborating on all the tasks neeeded to close the deal.


Built-in CRM for managing your contacts

Multiple Inboxes

Create unlimited Inboxes


Create and add tags to any conversation for easy filtering

Assign to

Assign to a team member and track completion


Watch any individual conversation and get notifications when updates are added


Follow any Inbox/channel and get notifications on any new messages/replies added


Create custom folders and move conversations between the folders.


Mark any conversation as closed/completed and move to the archive folder

Time Spent

Track the time spent on any conversation or message

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop files and attachments to any conversation

Rich Content

Create and send rich content messages with full formatting and links


Get insights into most frequent tags,customers and products.

Auto add contacts

Automatically add contacts who send you messages or forms, to your contact manager.

Contact us

Link your Inbox to the Contact us page on your website

Custom Forms

Create custom forms to extend your Inbox and share with your customers or team


Create task or action items for any conversation and assign to a team member for action

Notes and Comments

Add notes or comments for other team members

Canned Replies

Create and use canned (stock) replies to any conversation

Auto Responses

Send automatic response/reply to an incoming message


Make any Inbox shared or private


Bookmark any conversation to your bookmarks list for easy access

What did I miss

See any items you have missed since your last access

My tasks

View any/all tasks assigned to you

Pin to top

Pin a valuable conversation to the top of the list

Move to ...

Move a conversation, replies, notes and documents to another folder or Inbox

Add due date

Add a date for completion to any conversation

Add to calendar

Add any conversation to your team calendar

Inbox in Contact Manager

Send from contact manager to one contact, groups or all

Photo Viewer

View jpeg,png and other photos as thumbnails and full size

Embed Video

Link to and embed videos from youtube, vimeo etc

Audio Player

Play attached audio files in audio player without downloading

Full text search

Search for anything in the title and body of any conversation

Filter conversations

Filter by creator,contact, date and assigned to


Append a standard footnote to the bottom of each outgoing message

Custom Signatures

Create individual signatures and append to each message

Shared Files

Quick access to all attachments in a channel

Captcha Security

Enable captcha on all shared forms or Inbox.

Single Sign on

Single sign on for Google, Twitter, Office 365 and Microsoft Live

Share to Portal

Share a channel or any form to a customer portal


Bring a team member into a conversation


Add a private reminder to any message

Send to Trello

Send a conversation or a response including attachments to a Trello board


Block a contact or mark a contact as Spam

Facebook Messenger

Send & Receive messages from your Facebook page

Auto Expire

We can automatically delete a conversation and documents after a set date