Apptimi Meeting Spaces makes sharing and collaboration simple

With Apptimi you, your staff, your customers and suppliers can create, share and collaborate in the cloud on discussions , projects, manage tasks and customer service, provide feedback and share documents on-line securely and simply. It's the smart business collaboration app.

One App does all this

Meeting Space is our powerful app where you can create Spaces (or Channels) to manage different areas of your business. Create shared Inbox, a Task List a project or brainstorming space , a customer service app and much more. Apptimi takes care of all the creation, sharing, security and access. All you need to do is choose the type of channel, add a name and that's it.

You can create unlimited channels, for sales, support, projects or internal communications and bundle them together and share with your team or your customers.

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Public or Private

Create shared channels so that anyone in your team can collaborate and share, or make a channel private and only invite specific team members to access.

Follow any channel

Get quick access to any channel by following it and get instant notifications whenever a new post or conversation or reply is added to it.

Email or Web Access

Create new posts or conversations by email or web or integrate with Facebook messenger or Twitter Direct messages.

Using a unique email address for every channel, your team and contacts can easily create new conversations directly by email.

Reply, Notes and Action Items

Reply to any conversation and include documents or photos. Add privates notes for your team or add action items and assign to other team members.


Apptimi works great with many tools that we all use every day, and we're adding more integrations all the time.

Tag, Mention , Pin and lots more

Use tags to help your team filter conversations for easy access. Or Pin interesting conversations to your Pin board for quick access at a later date.

Use mentions such as @John and we'll let them know they have been mentioned in a conversation and add them to the list of followers for the conversation.

Built in Workflow

We have built in workflow, approvals and task assignment so you can quickly review and assign tasks to team members.


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