If it's worth Sharing, it's worth Securing

Online collaboration and document sharing doesn't have to risk your privacy. Our Secure DropVault app lets you, your team and your customers collaborate, share documents and messages in complete privacy. We encrypt everything with your private key that we don't have access to.

Just create a channel or space, invite team members or guests. Now add different conversations or topics, attach your documents or photos and everyone invited to your channel can participate and collaborate.

Reply to conversations, add notes, like , comments and even more attachments. You can "watch" conversations for updates, or PIN important posts to the top of the page.

What's important is that everything you add or share is instantly encrypted with your private key to secure it.

Create your Vault!

Create a channel for your team to share, or individual channels for each customer. Then choose your encryption key and password.

You can create as many channels as required - Your team or guest can access one or all - you choose.

Your Content, all secured with your key

DropVault supports full rich text messages and unlimited attachments. Just create a topic or conversation and any documents or photos. We'll let everyone know there is a new conversation.

Invite a team member or guest

Just invite a team member or guest to access

Everyone you invite uses a unique password (you choose it) to access you Vault and decrypt and access the information and documents.

Share Rich content messages

All your team have to do is enter their personal password and we'll de-crypt everything for them.

They can now access your topics, reply, add notes or action items. It's a great way to not only share confidential documents or messages but also to get their feedback and input.

Share Documents securely

A Vault is great for sharing documents.

Just drag and drop or attach any number of documents - PDF, Word, Excel or photos, to your conversation. All documents are encrypted with your private key before storing on our servers.

Read-only channels

You can choose to make a channel open and allow anyone to create new conversations, or you can choose to make the Channel read-only.

Great collaboration features

Just because it's secure doesn't mean it can't have great features.

DropVault allows anyone you invite to reply, comment, create new conversations, add and filter using tags or custom folders, bookmark messages and much more.

What can I use DropVault for?

Collaboration and sharing online doesn't have to compromise your security and privacy.

Contract Discussions

Develop and discuss financial contract issues in a secure environment while sharing sensitive documents

Develop and Share Business plans

Use DropVault to develop and share business plans


Send and discuss business tax returns with your clients

Sharing Login info

Share sensitive information such as logins or passwords with your team

Product Development

Share sensitive product development information with your extended team

HR Documents

Discuss and share confidential HR documents and comments

Secure Sharing and Collaboration with no compromises

Collaboration and sharing online doesn't have to compromise your security and privacy.