If it's worth Sharing, it's worth Securing

Still sharing documents or sensitive messages in email or using USB sticks to share documents with your team or customers?

DropVault is great team collaboration and document sharing which overcomes the limitations of email and also doesn't risk your privacy. We let you, your team and your customers share sensitive documents, collaborate, comment, add tasks and reminders in complete privacy.

What makes DropVault different

Encryption can be difficult to use and you worry about losing or sharing the key. DropVault takes care of these problems with a great, easy to use app that just requires a team member or customer to enter their password. We then retrieve the key and decrypt your documents and messages.

We also give you the option to add ever better security - add in trusted (or blocked) locations, enable two factor authentication on any account, require strong passwords and much more. It's sharing with security that makes sense.

DropVault is so secure that Apptimi itself does not have access to your encryption key - We can not view any of your messages or documents at any time.

Create your Vault!

Create a channel for your team to share, or individual channels for each customer. Then choose your encryption key and password.

You can create as many channels as required - Your team or guest can access one or all - you choose.

Your Content, all secured with your key

DropVault supports full rich text messages and unlimited attachments. Just create a topic or conversation and any documents or photos. We'll let everyone know there is a new conversation.

Invite a team member or guest

Invite a team member or customer to access

Everyone you invite uses a unique password (you choose it) to access your Vault and decrypt and access the information and documents.

Share Rich content messages

Just create and share great rich content

Your team or customers can now access your topics, reply, add notes or action items. It's a great way to not only share confidential documents or messages but also to get their feedback and input.

Share Documents securely

A Vault is great for sharing documents.

Sharing documents is as simple drag and drop - PDF, Word, Excel, photos or any other document, to your conversation. All documents are encrypted with your private key before storing on our servers.

Shared or Individual channels

Channels can be shared and you invite any team member or customers to access, or create personal channels for communicating with individual customers.

Great collaboration features

Just because it's secure doesn't mean it can't have great features.

DropVault allows anyone you invite to reply, comment, create new conversations, add and filter using tags or custom folders, bookmark messages and much more.

What can I use DropVault for?

Collaboration and sharing online doesn't have to compromise your security and privacy.

Some of the great features in DropVault

Just a small selection of the many great features available in your DropVault