Simple Pricing

We've kept our pricing simple and straightforward so you can budget accordingly. Just choose your plan below or Try Apptimi for free and subscribe at any time. No matter which plan you choose, our support team is here to help you get the most from Apptimi.

Apptimi Inbox

Our Inbox is not just a single Inbox for managing messages. You also get a complete CRM, Forms Builder, Portal, Integrations with Facebook, your contact page, Team Tasks and much more. It's a complete integrated solution that can work anywhere in your business - and only takes 5 minutes to set up.
All pricing is per user/login

€0 | user/mo

21 Days
Free Trial
Shared Inbox/Customer Care
Brainstorming Channels
Team Tasks
Form Builder
Great Support
Apptimi Secure Messaging
Plus everything in Apptimi Enterprise

€5 | user/mo

or €55 user/year
(13th month is on us)
Shared Inbox/Customer Care
Team Tasks
Integrated Team Calendar
Fantastic Support
Max 4 Channels/Inboxes
3GB/User storage
1000 Contacts

€10 | user/mo

or €110 user/year
(13th month is on us)
Unlimited Inboxes/Customer Care
Unlimited Team Tasks (unlimited)
Integrated Team Calendar
Awesome Support
Unlimited Channels/Inboxes
10GB/User storage
Unlimited Contacts
Forms Builder
Unlimited Forms
Facebook Integration
Contact us page Integration
Web chat (Beta)
Trello Integration
Single Sign on
Automatic Subscription allocation
Subscriptions cannot be mixed. If one user is enterprise level then all must be.

€600 | yr

Includes 3 logins
All of SME above included
Customer/External Portal
Unlimited Form Sharing
Includes 3 user logins
If you need any more information on our pricing just click on the Contact us and we'll get back to you

DropVault - Secure Collaboration and document sharing

Use our Dropvault channel and add secure collaboration - You can now create and share rich content messages and documents with anyone on your team or with any customer, anywhere in complete security
With our DropVault channels you create your own private key that will be used to encrypt and secure your data. Apptimi support staff do not have access to this key and can never view or access any content or documents you add to your channels.

€10 | user/mo

Unlimited channels for secure sharing
Custom/Private Keys
Secure Rich Content
Secure Document sharing
Unlimited Channels
Add/remove guests at any time
Notifications when new messages added
Password management
2nd Level passwords
Shared/Open Channels
Read-only Channels
Single Sign on
Yubikey Support (Nov 2018)
If you need any more information on our pricing just click on the Contact us and we'll get back to you