Never forget a customer issue again

Manage your team or customer issues

Use Customer service or Helpdesk to track and manage all your team issues or requests, inside or outside your business.

Helpdesks sometimes get a bad name - complicated, expensive and unfriendly. At Apptimi we believe Helpdesks shouldn't be any of these - simple, easy to use Helpdesk features that your team will use every day and can be up and running in minutes.

Not just Sales and Support

Customer service should be more than just sales and support. Every business has many email addresses that you need to manage and respond on, and Apptimi Customer Service can manage them all.

Add a Helpdesk to any Inbox

Apptimi Helpdesk can be added to any Inbox so that you and your team can track, assign and manage any customer issue or request.

Simple and easy to navigate so you and your team can see what's pending, what's being responded to , and importantly, what has not been answered.

Assign to a team

You can assign any issue or request to a team member for resolution and then track it's progress at any time, or a team member can "grab" a ticket and assign it to themselves

You can check at any time what requests are assigned to you or to a team member.

Instantly see and manage your tasks

One click access to new helpdesk tasks assigned to you or use the catch up link to view anything that you have missed.

When you have finished with a helpdesk issue you simple complete it, add your notes and you're done.

Analytics built in

Quickly identify your most frequent questions, contacts and activity. Our analytics can help you picture who's keeping you busy, when and how.

View your contacts, tags, time of day, team utilization and lots more.

Collaborate as a team

Add notes or comments to any message to help your team members solve problems or provide feedback to a team member on customer issues.

Add Action Items to any message for your team to take action on and easily track their completion.

Reply or add by Email

Your team can respond to any Helpdesk isssue right from their email - No need to log into Apptimi. Just open your favourite email client and reply to the Helpdesk notification.

Your reply is added to the Helpdesk issue as a response and automatically sent to the customer also.

Packed with features that you will use everyday

Just choose the options that suit you need and start sharing

Feature Included
Internal Only Channels
Extranet Access
Unlimited Contacts or Customers
Shared channels
Private channels
Bundle/Group your channels
Reply from Email
Disable Responses
Limit Access to Posts
No Username/Password Required
Attach Documents/Photos
Add Tags/Categories
Add Notes/action items to any Post
View your tasks
Add to Favourites
Follow Channels or Conversations
Pin any conversation
Link to your Contact Us page
Secure channels


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