Create and share forms with your team, customers or contractors

Apptimi provides your business with a forms builder, reporting tools, input and editing forms and access management. Our form builder lets you create, edit and share any data from text fields, numbers, contacts, documents and photos.

Create any form you need

Our form builder lets you create forms simply - no writing any code, just choose your field type,give it a name, width, help text and save.

When the form is complete you just add it to any Shared Inbox or your customer portal and start sharing with your team or customers.

Build Smart Forms

Link to Contacts, Staff members and auto calculate fields using our easy to use rule builder.

Unlike many simpler forms builders , we support many field types so you can select the right one for your form - From dates, time, select lists (single and multiple choice), check boxes, document and photos, text (single and multi line) and lots more.

Add Grids or tables to your form

We've taken our forms builder to another level - You can add multiple grids or tables to any form. Great for adding detailed items to a form such as individual receipts for an expense item or product orders.

Grids are available on all forms , even for contacts filling in your form externally.

Automatic updates to your contact manager

If you share a form with a customer or contact, we will automatically add the contact details to the contact manager.

Every form saved by a customer or contact will build your contact list so that you can communicate back to the contact - You can reply to any form saved by a contact and get clarification or updates.

We do the maths!

Create computed fields Apptimi will automatically do the calculations for you. No limit on the number of rules you can add to a field.

Apptimi Forms is packed with features that makes managing your data simple

Feature Included How this works
Contact/Customer/Vendor Most forms center around contacts - customers, suppliers or members. Apptimi lets you link forms with individual contacts so that you can easily manage customer data/ With a form field you can build add or use contacts directly from the form.

Contact fields can be used for membership lists, as a CRM to link activity to a contact or for tracking product deliveries to a contact. Any form can link to any contact in our contact manager.

When importing into Apptimi we will match an email address with contacts in your contact manager and substitute their contact details in place of the email address.
Staff Selector Select a staff member from list. Can be used for tracking forms or for work flow and routing for approval. Apptimi can route forms documents to staff members for approvals or notifications - Great for expense claims, travel requests and other approval forms.
Date Fields Set reminder dates (like renewal or contract anniversary dates and Apptimi will set a reminder that date (or in advance). Reminders will also display in your team calendar - Great for follow-up, expiration and other date fields.

For Date of birth Apptimi will automatically calculate the age based on a date entered
Document Upload Allows the user to attach and upload a document. You can upload documents of any type to Apptimi. For multiple document upload simply add a document field to a grid
Photo Upload Allows the user to attach and upload a photo

For multiple photo upload simply add a photo field to a grid. Thumbnail images can be displayed in your reports for any photos uploaded
Grid/Table Build a grid on the form and add unlimited dynamic rows. A Grid or table allows you to embed another form view in your form. The table is comprised of columns or fields (any of the fields listed on this page) grouped in a single row.

The users can add unlimited rows when the form is run. Grids are used when you need to add multiple items to a form (such as line items in a delivery note or multiple document upload)
Lists Within Apptimi you can create lists, each consisting of multiple items. An example is a product list with an entry for each product. You then add a List field to your form, choose the Product list and when the form is run the user will select which product. This provides a powerful form that can integrate with your business processes.
Text Fields Adjustable width and rows. Option to add advanced editor for larger text input
Number Fields Selectable format and range. Apptimi can calculate totals and averages in your reports for number fields.
Auto Increment/Seed Automatic increment of any number field to next value
Time Fields Time input including am/pm
Select Lists/Dropdown Create user selectable lists. Multiple choice option also available.
Computed Fields Add a series of actions to calculate totals,tax and discounts automatically
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