Because every business needs a database

Every business produces or manages data. From customers, products, contact information, subscriptions - Managing this ever increasing data is difficult and time consuming. Apptimi Forms can help you manage and share this data.

It's the only database your business will need

Apptimi provides your business with a forms builder, database, reporting tools, input and editing forms and access management. Our form builder and cloud database lets you create, edit and share any data from text fields, numbers, contacts, documents and photos. Create your database using our easy to use designer, or create it automatically from an existing Excel spreadsheet or CSV.

From 1 to over 1M rows, Apptimi Forms can help you manage all your business data.

Form Builder

Apptimi Forms and Database is a great alternative to using spreadsheets. Build a custom form for your business and Create, View , Edit and Report on any data simply.

You just add your fields, and Apptimi builds your database for you in the background.

Build Smart Forms

Link to Contacts, Staff members and auto calculate fields using our easy to use rule builder.

Add Dates, numbers, document or photo upload so you can manage any form for your business. You can even add grids or tables for multiple rows with fields of any type.

Flexible Reporting and Filtering

We've included flexible tools to let you sort and filter,export and even build custom views. Create filters that get the data the way you want and save for later.

We do the maths!

Create computed fields Apptimi will automatically do the calculations for you. No limit on the number of rules you can add to a field or a database.

Workflow and Approvals Built in

Need to have workflow and approvals on forms? Apptimi approvals settings give you complete control over approvals and visibility. We can also notify anyone in your team when a new form is saved.

Use forms on your website

Create a form and embed it into your website. Use it for contact us or collecting information from your customers - from Contact us to Order forms, purchase orders and much more.

Add a contact field to the form and we will ask for their name and email and automatically add them to your contact manager for you - We will even let you and your team know when a new form has been submitted.

Smart Workflow and Notifications

Create smart forms such as Travel and Expense requests. Apptimi can capture expense or other details and forward the form to a manager or supervisor for approval.

Use Database notifications to alert staff or team members whenever a new document is saved in a database. No more paper forms so your business can be more productive.

Share your Forms

Apptimi lets you share your forms with your staff, customers or contractors, but you can control who can access, update or manage your forms. This gives you complete control over your data.

Share your forms with your customers or suppliers. Create Product Ordering form or Service requests and let you customers or suppliers access and interact with your forms. No more paper, and no more attaching documents in emails.



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