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All your messaging, forms, health and safety and GDPR in one place

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A Shared Inbox that works everywhere in your club or school

It's not just for email

Apptimi can manage your messaging from email, facebook, twitter, your contact page and any forms you share, all in one powerful Inbox.
And we can manage your forms, record keeping and importantly, your GDPR compliance all in one great app.

How it works

Messages from info@, Help@, Facebook or Twitter, your website and shared forms, flow into your Inbox where they can be seen by the entire team

Connect to any email address either outside or inside your organization - For classes, events, school or club information

Once a team member takes a message, or you assign it to them, it's theirs. You don't need to worry about someone accidentally responding to the same message.
Add due dates, notes and action items for your team or reply to your contacts. You can even add custom fields and share to your website or externally.

Need even more from your Inbox?

Need something more than a subject and a message field? Customize your Inbox with a form and share with your community

more on custom forms

GDPR is coming soon. Get ready for this big change in how we manage and track sensitive information on our employees and our contacts.

more on GDPR

Manage your health and safety with our extensive forms - track accidents, working alone, training qualifications and more. You can also use Forms to schedule regular maintenance checks on equipment and buildings.

This is a special offer limited to Clubs or Schools.

€600 | yr

Until January 31st
Shared Inbox
Health and Safety
10 User logins
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