Give your customers the love they deserve

89% of customers stop doing business with a company as a result of poor customer care!

Takes a long time to get a new customer, only seconds to lose one. Isn't it about time you started taking more care of your customer questions?

Just connect your customer care Inbox to your sales and support emails or your facebook and twitter accounts and let your team manage and respond to your customer messages as a team.

It's customer care made for small business.

Not Just Email

Customers are changing and need to contact you using other channels. Our Inbox supports email, facebook and twitter direct messages straight to your team.

All your customer needs to do is send an email, or create a new facebook or twitter conversation and your team is instantly notified.

Helpdesk built in

Use our helpdesk option to assign messages to other team members. Now you can track and manage all your customer questions and your team can reply, share , add notes and lots more. When you're finished you mark it as complete but we keep it archived just in case you need to get it back.

Reply as a team

Add notes or comments to any message to help your team members solve problems or provide feedback to a team member on customer issues.

Add Action Items to any message for your team to take action on and easily track their completion.

Reply or add by Email

Your team can respond to any Inbox message via email - No need to log into Apptimi. Just open your favourite email client and reply to the task notification.

Analytics built in

Quickly identify your most frequent questions, contacts and activity. Our analytics can help you picture who's keeping you busy, when and how.

View your contacts, tags, time of day, team utilization and lots more.

Link to your Contact Page

Link your contact page direct to your Inbox

With our Team Inbox you can link your web site Contact Us page directly to your Inbox. We will add any new contact request into your Inbox, notify your team and add the contact to your contact manager.

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Packed with features that you will use everyday

Just choose the options that suit you need and start sharing

Feature Included
Internal Only Channels
Extranet Access
Unlimited Contacts or Customers
Shared channels
Private channels
Bundle/Group your channels
Reply from Email
Disable Responses
Limit Access to Posts
No Username/Password Required
Attach Documents/Photos
Add Tags/Categories
Add Notes/action items to any Post
View your tasks
Add to Favourites
Follow Channels or Conversations
Bookmark any conversation
Link to your Contact Us page
Secure channels
Digital Signing
Sync to Office 365
Office 365 Single Sign on
Send to Trello