Brainstorm with your team, your customers or your suppliers

Create and share rich content messages and attachments with your team, your customers or contractors. Our Brainstorming channel lets you create, reply, like and bookmark any message, from anywhere and with anyone.

Add in our optional secure encryption and you can share and message anyone, anywhere with complete privacy.

Create, Discuss and Share

Just add topics, include your message and any attachments. Your team can reply, comment, like and share or even add action items or notes to any message.

Rich text messages and attachments

Our brainstorming channels support full rich text messages and unlimited attachments.

Share with your contacts

Brainstorming channels are not just for your team. Add and share with your customers or contractors and give them guest access to your channels.

Read-only or full access

Turn your great content into an FAQ - You can make our brainstorming channel read only so your staff or customers can view your rich content and attachments, but not add any updates or replies, or enable full access and get feedback and input from anywhere.

Powerful searching and filtering

Use our full text search to quickly find conversations or create tags and sort and filter your messages, or create custom folders and group similar messages together.

Secure Sharing and Collaboration

We've taken our great Brainstoming channel, with all it's great features and added state of the art encryption to all your messages.

Share Securely

Our secure option allows you to encrypt all your messages and your documents as they are added to Apptimi. Just choose your key, invite your team or customers and start sharing in complete security.

Private encryption keys

You choose your encryption key - We do not store or manage your key so Apptimi can never decrypt or access any of your messages or documents.

Packed with features that you will use everyday

Just choose the options that suit you need and start sharing

Feature Included
Internal Only Channels
Extranet Access
Unlimited Contacts or Customers
Shared channels
Private channels
Bundle/Group your channels
Reply from Email
Disable Responses
Custom Folders
Stock/Canned Replies
Limit Access to Posts
No Username/Password Required
Attach Documents/Photos
Add Tags/Categories
Add Notes/action items to any Post
View your tasks
Add to Favourites
Follow Channels or Conversations
Bookmark any conversation
Link to your Contact Us page
Secure channels
Digital Signing
Sync to Office 365
Office 365 Single Sign on
Send to Trello