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How did we start?

We started Apptimi to provide the SME with the right tools. Whenever we visited small or even medium sizes businesses we recognized most were struggling with managing even basic tasks because of a lack of simple, affordable apps. Many times the "go to " application of choice was a spreadsheet but this has limitations with sharing, access and much more.

Simple tasks such as managing staff information, customer data, building and equipment lists were all stuffed into a spreadsheet. Sharing and acting upon this data was difficult or even impossible. Business owners needed to link documents to customers or suppliers, to share data with suppliers or clients and to do so securely and simply.

Business owners wanted simple, secure and flexible tools that had sharing built in, using a single login and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Kevin O'Farrell

Kevin is a respected technology veteran who has spent nearly 30 years developing and marketing some of the most advanced and innovative technologies. Kevin spent many years with Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for Java licensing throughout Europe and Asia and more recently successfully developing and launching many cloud startups. With experience in technology, business and marketing, Kevin brings a unique insight to his businesses and an understanding of all aspects of business and product development. A believer in keeping software simple, focused and in-expensive, Kevin has a passion for helping the small business owner in leveraging the benefits of the cloud without the need for IT resources.

Kevin is a keen sailor and avid rugby fan.

Noel Quinn

Noel is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman with over 30 years in the property management, construction, business development and technology industry. A keen investor and with extensive business experience in Ireland, the UK and Russia, Noel has build successfully started and grown many businesses and is a driving force behind Apptimi and it's success.

A keen follower of industry trends, Noel is a strong advocate and supporter of small business with his knowledge and experience and has a long history of supporting startups in the tech community.

Your Cloud Provider

We constantly monitor and refine our security to ensure that your data remains secure and safe.
Our data is all stored in a European data centre and is encrypted right from the browser through to the database.
We pride ourselves on providing some of the best support in the business. Whether it's a serious problem or you just need advice for your business, we're here to help. Use email, phone or our online support space and we'll help you in any way we can.
We never stop listening to our customers and never stop developing and improving our apps.

Why Apptimi

Multiple Apps on One Platform

Create multiple channels of any type for any part of your business, all on a single platform with easy access for your staff and customers.


Encrypt your Spaces to make them secure. So secure we can never decrypt them. Our industry leading encryption ensures your data stays secure and private.

Shared Inbox

Our Shared Inbox is the leading messaging collaboration app for the small business owner. We can manage your email, facebook and twitter messages all in an easy to use app that lets your team share and take action on any message.