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From Shared Messaging Inbox, Helpdesks, Contact Manager, Customer service, Faq's, Project and team discussions and Task lists all shared with your team 24/7 from anywhere.

Shared Team Inbox

Manage Sales@ , Support@, Info@ or any other email address and share with your team. Now anyone in your team can view, reply and collaborate on any message.

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The ultimate contact manager

Build, Manage and Communicate with your contacts

Build your contact database - Meetings, Notes, Documents and more. Group your contacts with tag manager, send and receive email and extend with custom fields.

Helpdesks and Customer Service

Turn Support or Customer Service into collaboration

Add a Helpdesk to your Inbox and never forget a customer issue again, or create one for IT or HR within your business. It's the collaborative helpdesk that lets your team help solve your problems.

Projects and Brainstorming

Create project or internal brainstorming and discussion spaces to collaborate and share internally or with customers. Discuss, like , share and comment on any conversation and when done send it to Trello or another of your favourite task managers

Great for brainstorming or gathering input, feedback and suggestions.

Shared Team Tasks

Organize your tasks with our team task lists

Create and share tasks with your team. Create one for the office, a customer or project, make it public or private and share with your team.

Share Securely

At Apptimi we really believe that security should be more than just a check box on a web site. With our Spaces you can enable full encryption so that your messages and documents are fully secure and safe. Not even Apptimi Support can access your data when security is enabled.


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