A Shared Inbox for great teams

Manage any message from any email, facebook, twitter, your contact page and your customer forms, delivered to a shared team Inbox with a great customer care app built right in

A Team Inbox that works everywhere in your business

It's not just for email

For sales, for operations, for customer support or use an Inbox for projects.

Use an Inbox for customers, for support, for HR or Accounts, or share with your team for brainstorming, feedback and projects.

How it works

Messages from info@, Help@, Facebook or Twitter, your website and shared forms, flow into your Inbox where they can be seen by the entire team

When a message or form is delivered to your Inbox we will notify you and your team.

Once a team member takes a message, or you assign it to them, it's theirs. You don't need to worry about someone accidentally responding to the same message.

Your team can reply by email, Facebook or Twitter direct to your customer.

Add due dates, notes and action items for your team or reply to your contacts. You can even add custom fields and share to your website or externally.

Need even more from your Inbox?

Need something more than a subject and a message field? Add custom fields to your Inbox or share complete forms with your team, customers or contractors

more on forms

Need to brainstorm with your team or customers, or have discussions, get feedback and input on projects?

more on brainstorming

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