Apptimi Meeting Spaces makes sharing and collaboration simple

and keeps everyone in your team on the same page

With Apptimi you, your staff, your customers and suppliers can create, share and collaborate in the cloud on discussions , projects, manage tasks and customer service, provide feedback and share documents on-line securely and simply. It's the smart business collaboration app.

One App does all this

Meeting Space is our powerful app where you can create Spaces (or Channels) to manage different areas of your business. Create shared Inbox, a Task List a project or brainstorming space , a customer service app and much more. Apptimi takes care of all the creation, sharing, security and access. All you need to do is choose the type of channel, add a name and that's it.

You can create unlimited channels, for sales, support, projects or internal communications and bundle them together and share with your team or your customers.

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Shared Team Inbox

A Shared team Inbox so that everyone in your team can create, view and collaborate on messages to your contacts. Add a Shared Inbox for Sales , Support or for Projects.

Our Team Inbox supports email, Facebook messenger and Twitter Direct Messages, all shared with your team.


Discuss and Brainstorm

Create a Space for project discussions or brainstorming, or for engaging with your team or staff on internal issues. It's a great way to gather input and feedback from your team.


Customer Service/Helpdesks

Create a Helpdesk for internal users or a Customer Support Space for managing your customer issues.

Assign tickets to team members so that no issue gets lost and collaborate on tickets with the team and your customer.


Team Task List

Create a Task List for your business and share your to do list or tasks with your team. You can assign tasks to staff members for resolution but your entire team can contribute feedback, suggestions and input. Save Fix-by dates for tasks so that team members can pro-actively manage their tasks.


FAQ/Knowledge Base

Create an FAQ Space to build a knowledge base of information on products, services or how your business works.

Share Securely

You can enable our secure Spaces and encrypt both your messages and your documents. Our encryption is so secure that not Apptimi support can access any of your content.

Our secure spaces encrypt your data with industry leading AES256 encryption (and Blockchain coming soon) with a key that is only known and accessible to your team. Simple to set up and just share a password or pin with your team or external contacts.


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