Customer Service for growing businesses

Make customers more than just a ticket and ensure you never lose another customer again. Combine a shared Inbox with a great customer service app to deliver quality customer service to your customers.

Simple, powerful customer service

Customer service apps need to be easy to use so that you customers can contact you and so yout team can co

Notifications, Follow, Like, Tags and Pin or just some of the great features that make managing your customer service issues simple.

One owner for every message

Our simple but powerful customer service app gives you the tools to manage your Inbox and ensure that every message has a single owner.

While each message has a single owner, your entire team can view, comment and contribute on the customer solution.

Packed with features that you will use everyday

Just choose the options that suit you need and start sharing

Feature Included
Internal Only Spaces
Extranet Access
Unlimited Contacts or Customers
Shared Spaces
Private Spaces
Bundle/Group your Spaces
Reply from Email
Disable Responses
Limit Access to Posts
No Username/Password Required
Attach Documents/Photos
Add Tags/Categories
Add Notes/action items to any Post
View your tasks
Add to Favourites
Follow Channels or Conversations
Pin any conversation
Link to your Contact Us page
Secure Spaces


Supercharge your team today